Updated 6//2/2015 -- 2 End Tables and 2 Chairs

I've been kicking it in the butt the last couple of weeks trying to clear some space in the shop for new projects.  I've finally gotten to a few that have been sitting in storage waiting their turns.  This one was a Thumbtack reference from a local couple.  Two chairs and two end tables that need to be stripped and refinished.  The end tables are in pretty rough shape, but the wood veneer underneath is still good.  It is VERY thin veneer though, so I can't sand the old finish off, I have to use stripper because there just isn't any extra material to remove.  I personally don't like to use stripper because it's toxic and really rough on old glue joints.  The construction is strong on the tables though, so it's not going to be to problematic.  Here's one of the tables how they looked originally

And here's one mostly stripped.
 So I can keep the finishes as close to the original as possible, I am leaving one table and one chair original, until I get the color right on the ones I'm working on now.  Then I'll strip those two.

UPDATED 5/28/2015

UPDATED 6/2/2015

Once again my photography skills come up short.  I got one chair stripped and stained and both tables are stripped and stained. One more chair to stain and I have to evaluate whether to do a second coat of stain or not.  

I feel like the table color is right on.  

The other table already stained and ready for finish coating


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