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Scratched Bed Footboard

This started out as a repair job for some damage caused by a local cleaning service.  There were a number of scratches and scuffs caused by a poorly managed vacuum cleaner hose, but the owner wanted the whole piece resurfaced, so be it.  I began with an overall wet sanding using 3000 grit, just to determine what I had to deal with.  Once the surface was roughed and cleaned, I started analyzing the damage.  There were literally hundreds of small scratches.  Even if I had the time to fill each of these individually, it would have looked terrible with all of those tiny patches.

The pieces on either side illustrate the type of damage I had to work with.  Differences in tone have to do with lighting.  The coloring was consistent.  I was able to use a light pecan stain to repair the scratches that actually exposed the wood below the finish.  The rest I filled with several coats of varnish and then sanded them flat and buffed them to smooth the surface.

 The end results turned out pretty wel…

Custom Air Hockey Hammer

A friend plays a lot of air hockey, so I thought it would be cool for him to have a custom air hockey hammer (that's what they call the thing you hit the puck with, I thought it was a paddle.  Live and learn, eh?)
Like any turning project this started with selecting the stock, so I picked through my scrap pile and found a bunch of old chunks of black walnut.  I squared them up and sanded the faces flat (too small to put through the planer). 

Then I glued and clamped the stock . . .
The next day I squared up the stock and cut it into an octagon for turning on the bandsaw.

I love turning wood!!!
Here's the stock after coming off the lathe

Now the first coat of varnish
Then I customized it with  a stylized "J" and added multiple coats of varnish to protect the wood from the repeated impact of air hockey.
Nothing left to do, but put some felt on the bottom and take it to the table!