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Project Log -- Dining Room Table Repairs

Back to work for one of my favorite customers.  This time it isn't a refinishing job.  Instead, I need to effect some structural repairs.  The sliders are gummed up and the structure needs some reinforcement.  Also, at one point some modern casters were put on the legs and center post.  They don't really match, but they provide some necessary rise.  I'll be replacing those with turned wood balls.  There is also a decorative wooden ring on one of the legs, but not on the other three.  I'll need to fabricate the other three.  I looked but I couldn't find anything even close in the premade suppliers.

Here's a look at the center column and casters.  You can get a feel for how massive this piece is and if you look closely, you can see part of the decorative ring on the rightmost leg.
Just some closeup views and detail shots.

I stacked the leaves to get a sense of how bad the warping is.  The 2nd from the bottom displays some pretty significant cupping.  It will be …