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PROJECT UPDATE!!: 04/05/2015 Corner Cabinet

This is another lead from Thumbtack.  A really nice local couple wanted to replicate the style of their existing cabinet (see below) in the opposite corner of the room, with a space for their big screen television.  The challenge here is that the angles are tricky, to say the least.

Here's the existing cabinet that's being used as the model:
The new cabinet will be somewhat wider.  Also, the bottom three sections of glass door will be open space for the television.  Below is a drawing that represents the concept.  Final drawings are in progress.

The original base dimensions give an idea of the challenges involved in making all of the corners work.

The 120 degree angle at the back right corner reflects the angle of the wall.  The right side is constricted by a window, so the whole thing has to fit between the back wall and the window trim.  You may also note that the front right corner is an acute angle and the front left is an obtuse angle.  Below is the first cut at the base…