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Project Log -- Display Cabinet -- Updated 6/20/17

Here's another new cabinet project.  This time we have this lovely cabinet with an original finish, yellow paint.  The owner has requested that this be stripped and refinished to match their dining room set.  I think this is going to be one of my cooler projects because the woodwork is really nice and with a natural wood finish it's going to be a very dramatic piece.

A look at the brass hardware
Here's a detail view of the top trim.  
The first step with this piece is going to be dissassembly.  The door and side glass needs to come out before I start stripping.
All of the parts need to come off, to get access to all of the painted areas. Ready to strip
Lots of hardware Above I've removed all of the back panels and have begun the process of removing the old paint.  
Along with another project, the stripped parts are stacking up.   I've found some questionable carpentry on this piece.  I'll have to secure this joint better.
Working my way around stripping the ma…