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Insurance Work -- Bureau Repair

Sometimes you have to fight your instincts and just do what is required.  This bureau is an example of that.  During a move, the piece was damaged by impacts to one of the drawers and by duct tape being applied to the finish on top.  The duct tape neatly removed a 2" by 6 inch swath of finish, exposing the base stain below. Unfortunately, I can't find the before picture showing the damage.  More interesting was the type of finish that was removed.  Again, I'm dealing with Minwax Colored Polyurethane, grrrrrr.  In this case, someone did a quick brush-up, with little or no surface prep and only one side was actually finished.  The picture below illustrates the quality of the finish I was trying to match and the unfinished side.  NO, I am not responsible for the over-brush and drip on the side of the top. 
 I wasn't about to spend hours trying to match a seamless fix on a square-edged damaged spot on this quality of finish, so step 1 was to sand off the old finish and pr…

Vanity Conversion

This piece was damaged in a fire and was soaked and warped.  The particle board construction was separating and it was pretty much ready for the scrap heap, but the owner has an emotional attachment, so we decided to rebuild it, using as much of the original piece as possible.

Here's the end result: