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Scratched Bed Footboard

This started out as a repair job for some damage caused by a local cleaning service.  There were a number of scratches and scuffs caused by a poorly managed vacuum cleaner hose, but the owner wanted the whole piece resurfaced, so be it.  I began with an overall wet sanding using 3000 grit, just to determine what I had to deal with.  Once the surface was roughed and cleaned, I started analyzing the damage.  There were literally hundreds of small scratches.  Even if I had the time to fill each of these individually, it would have looked terrible with all of those tiny patches.

The pieces on either side illustrate the type of damage I had to work with.  Differences in tone have to do with lighting.  The coloring was consistent.  I was able to use a light pecan stain to repair the scratches that actually exposed the wood below the finish.  The rest I filled with several coats of varnish and then sanded them flat and buffed them to smooth the surface.

 The end results turned out pretty wel…