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Project Log -- Cedar Box Refinishing and Repair

The owner told me this was passed down from her grandmother.  It's a really nice piece, but it's had a lot of water damage and scratching over the years.  I'll have to replace the top veneer and then a full restoration.  This is going to be a beautiful piece when I'm done with it.

Here's a close look at the cracking and gouging  Water damage on the top Some bad scratching on the top surface, but the veneer is going away anyway.

The front right leg is cracked off.  I'll have to glue that back together.
I decided to work on the top first. So, step one was to remove it.  Above you can see the original labeling from the factory that we want to preserve.  Below I've protected it with cardboard. Here's another look at the top damage,
After I stripped the top, I skim coated it so that I can begin the veneer laminating process with a perfectly flat surface.

The cleanup of the old finish is coming along.  The wood is quite brittle.  I guess probably from moist…

Project Log -- A Little Trim Repair

I did some repairs to the base of a small drum table for a new client.  While I was delivering it, they discovered that a piece of the beaded trim on the drawer was missing.  They asked me if it was something I could fix.  
"If it is made of wood, I can fix it"
Here's a closeup of the missing trim.

And another look

I started by cleaning the repair area and then handshaping the replacement piece.  Below you can see it about 2/3 of the way to dialed in.

 Here's the replacement piece epoxied in and with the base coat on it.  I have to work this now to get the color to match more closely, but we're close.
The irregular end wear the original piece snapped off at an angle left a little unfinished divot.  When the rest of the tone is right, I'll fill that with matching hot melt lacquer to create a seamless fix.

Here's the finished project