Project Log -- A Little Trim Repair

I did some repairs to the base of a small drum table for a new client.  While I was delivering it, they discovered that a piece of the beaded trim on the drawer was missing.  They asked me if it was something I could fix.  

"If it is made of wood, I can fix it"

Here's a closeup of the missing trim.

And another look

I started by cleaning the repair area and then handshaping the replacement piece.  Below you can see it about 2/3 of the way to dialed in.

 Here's the replacement piece epoxied in and with the base coat on it.  I have to work this now to get the color to match more closely, but we're close.
The irregular end wear the original piece snapped off at an angle left a little unfinished divot.  When the rest of the tone is right, I'll fill that with matching hot melt lacquer to create a seamless fix.

Here's the finished project


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