Project Log -- Radio Table

This time we start with a before and after picture.  This family heirloom had some water damage on the top that was going to require a complete removal and replacement of the veneer.  The cross braces were broken and the entire unit showed significant wear.  The owners wanted it restored to like new quality, so I started with a complete dissasembly. 

 Here's the broken cross brace

 This angle gives a good view of the water damage to the top surface.

 A close up of the surface damage

Beginning disassembly

Here's the top with the bad veneer removed, the rotted substrate dug out and the hole patched.
The side pieces sanded and prepped

Here's the base reassembled and with a few base coats of varnish

and 12 coats of varnish, 2 layers of topcoat and much hand polishing later, the finished product.

I love this veneer.  I'm going to do a posting about my recent veneer experiences, soon.

I was able to get an original decal on Ebay to replace the original that was pretty well mutilated.

This project is finished


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