Project Log -- Kitchen Table and Clawfoot Table

This Blog and a Google search introduced me to the lady who owns this table.  It's basically a large round slab of rough cut pine.  The original finish was pretty much worn off, so my task is to refinish and restore the table.  Also, part of the task involves getting a stain color that picks up some of the color in the countertop.   

 Here's closer look at the grain and surface.
I have spared you pictures of the sanding process, but suffice it to say that sanding soft pine is not a particularly fast process.  The paper loads up quickly, and before it does, you have to be careful not to gouge the wood. I burned a lot of paper getting this surface prepped.   The stain I chose was General Finish's Salem.  However, I adjusted the original stain color with dyes to get it right. 
 Here's the first layer of polyurethane.  I don't really like working with poly, but this will be a well-used kitchen table and the poly is going to hold up better and longer than lacquer.  I have several more coats of poly to put on and then I'll level the finish and do the final polish. 

 Here's the finished table in it's final resting place.
I fixed the legs and cleaned up the top surface in this table for the same customer.  I love the grain on this piece.


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