Refinish Coffee Table and End Tables -- Project Log

Nice mid-century cherry coffee table with plenty of good use and wear.  This one is going to be a pleasure and a challenge
Here's a top view of the Coffee table.  The closeups below give a better feel for the degree of damage.
The paired end tables were identical in style and wear.  The degree of damage is about the same as the coffee table.
Well, time to disassemble, strip, sand, fill, sand, repair, sand, sand and then sand. 
The Manufacturer's Tag on the drawer of the end tables.

An end table early on in the surface prep stage after disassembly.

More parts

Here's the coffee table top with the old finish off and beginning surface prep.

These are the apron parts from the coffee table.

The table top ready for stain.

Here's the finish before I start polishing.

You can see the uneven varnish that I need to level and polish in this shot

The finished coffee table

I think shot is better.  I'm really happy with the finish on this one.

Finished end tables

Here's the detail in the brass pulls.  They are really nice pieces and they polished up beautifully.

Well that's it for this project.  I'm starting a couple of new projects, so keep a look out for new updates!


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